Benefits of Telematics for small business owners

Business too small for telematicsMajor fleets across the country have been implementing Telematics systems to assist in reducing operational costs and improve driver efficiency for a number of years. But what about smaller fleets?

The truth is telematics can benefit fleets of all sizes. Telematics uses vehicle sensors, satellite GPS and management software to give owners real-time data on driver and vehicle activity from anywhere on the web. Simply put, it gives you greater visibility and more control over your investment.

So let’s cut to the chase – just how does telematics save you cash?

Track your truck

From watching your pizza make its way to your door, to checking in on your Uber cab arrival, Satellite GPS has delivered consumers better service (and greater expectations) than ever before.

For operators and business owners, real-time tracking means less chance of lost goods – and lost drivers – and the chance to offer priority delivery times for customers prepared to pay extra for the service.

Whether you’re working from home, the office or on the road, you can tap into real-time data on your drivers, from any device you have on hand.

This means you can easily add more jobs into the schedule during quieter parts of the day, and keep an eye on costly overtime hours.

Say goodbye to risk

If you’re time poor and don’t have time to jump in the cab with your drivers, Telematics will give you eyes on the road when it matters the most.

Regular driver performance reports will alert you to any over-revving, heavy braking and non-adherence to the speed limit, so you can easily offer targeted training and feedback where and when it’s needed.

Geo – fencing alerts also mean you can divert your trucks around heavy congestion areas and ensure they’re not heading for a restricted heavy vehicle area. Essentially, it will save your drivers time and save you money!

Less off-road time

Telematics taps into engine performance, feeding the details into automated reports that can be easily accessed.

You’ll receive automated maintenance alerts that will keep you on top of servicing and one step ahead of any repairs/part replacements that might be needed.

By giving you tools to identify and improve driver performance, you’ll also reduce wear and tear on your fleet and steer well clear of premature part replacements.

Monitoring fuel consumption

Now that everyone’s wallet is looking quite a bit healthier, we can bring up that other issue of ‘fuel consumption’. Aside from the cost of labour, the cost of fuel is huge for any trucking business. But this is where telematics comes out on top.

If just one driver can adjust their driving behaviour to significantly reduce fuel consumption and cost, then just imagine the benefits if a business has five or more trucks operating with telematics across a fleet?

Each use of the throttle, the brake, even idle time can be monitored and logged. Once on-going coaching and incentives are introduced, drivers are soon operating trucks more efficiently and keeping your fuel costs way down.